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Offered Services
  • Take part in regional and international trainings and events

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  • Use the Forum and Message Board functions of the website to get into contact with other regional players

    Innotrain IT Forum
  • Learn more about the project through its platform

  • Get access to the training material and the AdoIT modelling tool by registration

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INNOTRAIN IT Network Broadcast INNOTRAIN IT Network Broadcast

INNOTRAIN IT Network for Service Management and Innovation

The "INNOTRAIN IT network for service management and innovation" has been established in the framework of the INNOTRAIN IT project with the participation of IT players from six Central-European countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech-Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The aim of this network is to link small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutions, IT providers and other interested parties to foster the use of IT Service Management and to increase the innovation capacity of SMEs in CENTRAL EUROPE. By becoming a member of the network, you will benefit from the following services:
Germany Poland Czech Republic Austria Hungary Slovakia
  • networking opportunities, cooperation, experience exchange and mutual learning
  • possibility to take part in regional events and trainings and in the final public conference of the project in Brussels in spring 2013
  • using the Forum and the Message board functions of the project platform (www.innotrain-it.eu)
  • acquiring information about the project and access to its training materials (tools, methods) and to relevant regional players' contact information by registering to the platform and utilizing the platform as a marketing and promotion tool
List of Network Members
Total Users: 153
  • 41 Users
  • 112 Companies